How to Get Eggs to Room Temperature

How many times have you been hungry for fresh cookies or cake, only to open the recipe and find an ingredient list which includes “eggs at room temperature”? When the urge strikes, it’s hard to watch an egg sit on the counter until the temperature is the same as the air… am I right? There is a better way.

How to Get Eggs to Room Temperature

How to Get Eggs to Room Temperature

How to Bring Eggs to Room Temperature

To force eggs get to room temperature simply place them gently into a bowl and then completely cover them with warm tap water. Let the eggs sit in the warm water for 5 to 10 minutes while preparing the other ingredients for the recipe. When ready for the eggs, they should have reached room temperature – or at least close enough to room temperature to be able to use them as room temperature eggs.

How to Get Eggs to Room Temperature

Why do Eggs Need to be Room Temperature?

Since baking is chemistry, temperatures and amounts are actually very important for the proper reactions to occur. Some ingredients will only form a bond when warm, others will not bond until cooled. Of course, results will vary depending on the recipe steps but there will always be trouble if cold eggs are introduced into a mixture calling for room temperature eggs.

If a recipe calls for room temperature eggs… then use the quick tip mentioned above to get eggs to room temperature before proceeding.
If one tries to cheat and just use eggs straight from the refrigerator, the recipe results will not be as promised. Most often eggs are added to soft room temperature butter and then creamed until smooth. The cold eggs will force the butter temperature to drop and form small clumps. Creamy goodness will never be achieved in this scenario, no matter how long and hard the beaters work. Creamy goodness happens after room temperature eggs and room temperature butter are beaten together. This smooth mixture can then readily absorb the flour and other ingredients. So, take the extra few minutes needed to quickly get eggs to room temperature and ensure proper recipe results each and every time. Remember, cheaters never win!

How to Get Eggs to Room Temperature

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