How to Store a Lei

Lei Storage for Longer Life

Oh the sweet aroma of flowers, especially plumeria flowers which are often used to make leis. When fresh flowers are laid around ones neck, that heavenly scent constantly surrounds and sways right under the nose. Receiving a lei is a sensual experience, but the next morning can be disappointing to find the beautiful flowers already turning brown. The first time this happened, I knew there had to be a better way. So, next time I placed the lei into the refrigerator before going to bed. It was OK the next day, but by the third day the flowers were beginning to have brown edges. There still had to be a better way…

How long does a lei last? Up to two weeks, if stored properly!

how long does a lei last

How to Store a Lei

How Long Does a Lei Last?

A lei can last up to two weeks… if it is stored properly. If not stored properly, it can begin to look sad on the second day and pretty beat by the third.

Here’s the best way to store a lei:

  1. Place some cold water, only a sprinkling, into a plastic bag.
    A regular old recycled grocery bag works great for this purpose, as long as there are no holes in the bottom of the bag. The flowers should not lie in water, but just be contained in a moist bag.

  2. Place the lei into the prepared bag and tie the top closed.
    A ziplock bag would also work just fine. Squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible without squishing the flowers as possible.
  3. how long does a lei last
  4. Place the bag onto a plate if desired, just in case the bag leaks, and then onto a refrigerator shelf or in the door.
  5. Take it out of the refrigerator and wear it whenever possible.
    It will feel cold, smell good, and look great!

    Store, wear and then repeat these steps for an entire vacation if desired.

how long does a lei last

This lei is two weeks old and has been worn for several nights!

If it’s already too late to store a lei properly, then go ahead and let it turn brown as it will completely dry out when left outside of the refrigerator. The dried flower petals can be used as porporri and when the aroma fades, it can be refreshed with a few drops of plumeria oil (or another favorite aroma).

How to Store a Lei

Additional Information

To simply wear a flower that you might find on the ground in your ear – grab a toothpick and then carefully tuck the toothpick behind an ear. The flower will stay in place all day!

how long does a lei last

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