Gifts for Cooks 2019

Stocking Stuffers for Home Chefs

Browse through these gift suggestions, and easily order them online if you see something that someone might like. Most cooks would enjoy a fun little tool to make things a little easier around the kitchen.

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Gifts for Cooks

Stocking Stuffers for Cooks and Hostesses Everywhere

A sponge holder that’s kept high and dry, yet full of soap with a simple touch of the hand. This also eliminates having a bottle of dish liquid in the crowded sink area.

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Hang utensils, potholders or even rags so they’re always available.

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Keep the stove free from splatters. It comes in sizes small to extra-large. This one is a product from Shark Tank.

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Get the kids involved with cooking, or more specifically freezing. Make ice cream while playing catch… the ultimate multi-tasking!

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Save space in the cupboards with this compact way to strain water from pans. This tool snaps onto the side of a pan, making straining a one handed job.

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Make a cookie for everyone… by embossing their name! This cookie stamp may take some patience and dexterity to put together as the letters are very small, but the results will be uniquely customized.

This red and green combo makes the perfect Christmas gift for those who love to use online recipes. Find a clever spatula/tongs and an iphone/ipad holder to make reading a recipe and then flipping or grabbing the result a piece of cake.

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How many times have your pots boiled over, all over the stove. We’ve lost count, but with these lids there is no need to stress about the mess.

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This quirky little spoon (actually called a “supoon”) never comes in contact with any dirty counters, wherever it may find itself. Plus, it can measure and even scrape when inside a jar. One more thing to mention, it comes in vibrant colors to match most any kitchen.

stocking stuffer
This item can be found on dream along with other quirky little kitchen inventions.

Christmas Gifts for Cooks

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