Regrow Lettuce - Plants That Can Regrow

Growing New Food From Old Roots

Think twice before you throw away that end cut off the romaine lettuce or the base of a celery stalk… it’s possible to regrow lettuce, regrow celery and many other produce from that vegetable scrap! Many vegetable scraps can be simply stuck into a glass of water and set in the sun before they’re ready to be eaten again. Buy once and then make a new crop, what a deal!

We’re passing along an illustration showing some of the easiest produce to regrow at home. There are several different herbs and vegetables besides those shown that can be regrown, but most of the others will take a little more time and tender TLC than those that made the following short list.

Regrow Lettuce - Plants That Can Regrow

Regrowing Food From Scraps

Consider re-growing a vegetable from a piece of the actual vegetable that is usually considered a food scrap. It’s possible to regrow lettuce or regrow green onions right on the window ledge, with visible signs of new growth in just a few days! Growing plants from pieces of a plant (generally the root) is actually considered easier than attempting to grow plants from a dried up seed. Check out this graphic from Whole Foods that makes it look simple to re-grow vegetables (and some fruits too).

These vegetables, fruits and herbs are often called for in everyday cooking, but their shelf life once purchased is not that long (see our individual pages for each item to determine their actual shelf lives). But, if you treat them right, you can buy these vegetables once and then use them often. These are herbs and vegetables that are considered easy to sprout. Once they sprout with the water and sunshine you provide, you can keep a supply of them on hand.

Regrow Lettuce - Plants That Can Regrow

Additional Info

Make sure that all of the edible parts of fruits and vegetables are used instead of wasted at home, see our scrappy tips to be sure you’re making use of all produce parts.

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