Ruby Chocolate

There’s now a fourth type of chocolate becoming available. To the list of milk, dark, and white chocolate add the new ruby chocolate.

Invented about six months ago by the Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut (the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate and cocoa products sold to companies) this new product is beginning to become available to consumers. Watch for its arrival at chocolate shops everywhere.

The last new natural color of chocolate (white) was introduced over 80 years ago by Nestlé, so it’s about time!

Ruby Chocolate

There are no colors added to this chocolate, it is made from ruby cocoa beans. Therefore, it is called ruby (not pink) chocolate. The ruby cocoa beans provide this new chocolate with both a pink color and a slight berry fruitiness to the flavor.

Barry Callebaut ruby chocolate.

Many are calling this new chocolate “millennial chocolate”, partially because it looks so luxurious and is pretty on instagram posts. We haven’t been able to find it on any store shelves just yet – again, don’t confuse pink (artificially colored) chocolate for ruby chocolate – but we did find a Nestlé product made with ruby chocolate available on Amazon (see the additional info section below).

Additional Info

To get a taste of this new product, follow this link:

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