Layered Red, White and Blue Ice Cubes for the 4th

We did a post last year to make layered drinks to celebrate the July 4th in America. This year, why not try layered red, white & blue ice cubes? Extremely festive and sure to perk up sparkling water or any clearish liquid refreshment of choice.

You’ll need some large silicone ice cube trays and a little patience to be able to wait for each layer to freeze before adding the next layer.

So, start making these layered red, white and blue ice cubes a few days before the 4th of July so that you’ve got a bucketful ready to roll on when it’s party time. Try them for any occasion that can be commemorated with three colors, as long as your imagination and shopping skills can come up with the right ingredients to mix up that special color needed. Be sure to see additional information at the end for other ideas.

red white blue ice

Red, White and Blue Ice Cubes

How to Make a Patriotic Layered Shot Drink

These red white and blue ice cubes are sure to put folks in a party mood.

red white blue ice

Steps to Make a Layered Red white and blue ice cubes for the 4th of July:

  1. Grab an ice cube tray(s) that will make large square or rectangle ice cubes.
    Silicon ice trays work well, see below for a suggestion.

  2. Fill each tray 1/3 of the way up with a red liquid.
    Cherry juice, cranberry juice, red powerade or gatorade, hawaiian punch or whatever other red drink you can think of to use if fine.

  3. Place the tray into the freezer for at least a few hours.
    We actually found it best to do this step in the morning and then do the next step before bed. Juices do not freeze as quickly as water and if the red layer hasn’t completely frozen then the white layer (next step) will not even show up.

  4. Remove the tray(s) from the freezer and fill the next 1/3 of each section in the tray with water.

  5. Place the tray(s) back into the freezer and wait for another few hours, or overnight.

  6. Remove the tray(s) from the freezer again and fill the last 1/3 of each section in the tray with a blue liquid.
    Blue Powerade or Gatorade works great.

  7. Place the tray(s) back into the freezer and leave until ready to serve or store (next steps).

To store: If you are making a large batch of ice cubes, then pop them out of the trays and place them into a bowl or freezer bag until ready to use.

red white blue ice

To serve: When ready to serve, place some ice cubes into a glass and then fill the glass with a clear liquid. Sparkling water is great served with these red, white and blue ice cubes but sodas like 7-up and Sprite also look great as an accompaniment.

How to Make a Layered Ice Cubes

Additional Info

If cranberry juice and blue curaçao are chosen as the red and blue layers of these layered ice cubes, then you might want to grab a rocks glass and pour in a little vodka as the liquid!

If you’ve got a different occasion or heritage to celebrate then create your own layered ice cube to match a certain flag or other color scheme.

For some patriotic cake desserts to accompany your drinks, check out our post from last year on 4th of July cakes.

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We like these large silicone ice cube trays that are safe from BPA and, because of the lids, can be stacked in the freezer for efficiency.

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