Layered Drinks for the 4th

Summertime, fireworks, picnics and of course red, white and blue everywhere possible… these are common thoughts of July 4th in America. Why not combine those fine colors into layered drinks? Here are a few different layered drink possibilities to proudly display the red, white and blue and help get your party started. There’s a shot, a tall cool glass and a frozen concoction detailed below with recipe instructions. Try one or try them all.

If you’ve got a different occasion to celebrate then create your own layered drink to match your color scheme. All you need to know is the simple trick we reveal and you’ll be able to create a customized layered drink to make any occasion more colorful.

So, celebrate the 4th of July in style or try them for your world cup party. Try them for any occasion that can be commemorated with three colors, as long as your imagination and shopping skills can come up with the right ingredients to mix up that special color needed. The enclosed secret is all you need to fix up some of these festive layered drinks and treats for any occasion!

layered shot

How to Make a Patriotic Layered Shot Drink

These red white and blue layered drink shooters are sure to get the party started, but are for adults only. These layered drinks are also called Malibu American Flags and look great lined up across a bar.

Steps to Make a Layered Shot:

  1. Line up your large, clear shot glasses.
  2. Pour carefully, in the order listed, the following liquors: .75 parts Blue Curacao .75 parts Malibu Coconut Rum .75 parts Campari
  3. “Shoot” or “sip” this colorful layered drink and enjoy!
layered shot

How to Make a Layered Drink

layered drink

Density is key when making layered drinks. This recipe layers the liquids in the proper order, so be sure to put them into your glass in that order. The trick to making a layered drink is putting the liquid with the highest sugar content on the bottom, the next most amount of sugar content second and then a sugar-free drink on top for the final layer. If layered properly this drink will remain look the same for days, except that the ice will melt and make a clear layer on top!

So, check the ingredient label for grams of sugar in the liquids you’d like to use and make sure that you pour them into your glass with the greatest sugar content on the bottom – just like building a human pyramid.

Layered Drink Ingredients:

  • RED: Ocean Spray Cranberry Apple Juice (40 grams sugar)
  • WHITE: Sobe Pina Colada (25 grams sugar)
  • BLUE: G2 Gatorade Blueberry-Pomegranate (<5 grams of sugar)

  • Steps to Make a Layered Drink

      Pour Cranberry-Apple Juice into the glasses until about 1/4 full.
    1. Fill your glasses with ice. We put the ice in as the second step in order not to stain all the ice cubes red while pouring the red layer of your drink.
    2. Pour slowly over the ice the Sobe Pina Colada until about 3/4 full.
    3. Pour slowly the sugar-free drink (G2 Gatorade Blueberry-Pomegranate) into the glasses until full.

    Optionally, and for adults only, top each glass with a shot of whipped cream vodka. The vodka will sit on top your creation… So, be careful as this drink can be very potent!

    How to Make a Refreshing Patriotic Smoothie

    layered smoothie

    Steps to Make a Layered Smoothie:

    1. Combine 3 Cups frozen Strawberries, 1 Banana, 1 Cup Cherry (Cranberry or Apple) Juice and 1 individual container Strawberry Greek Yogurt (or Frozen Yogurt) and 1 Cup Ice. Keep in freezer until step 4.
    2. Combine 1 Cup Milk, 2 Cup of Frozen Yogurt (Vanilla or Coconut flavor) and 2 Cups Ice Blend until smooth and then place in a pitcher in the refrigerator or freezer while you blend the final layer. Keep in freezer until step 4.
    3. Combine 2 Cups Zero Calorie Blue Powerade with 2 Cups of Ice.
    4. Line up your clear glasses and pour the strawberry mixture 1/3 of the way up the glass. Next pour the white mixture to 2/3 of the glass and then finish with the blue mixture. Add a straw with a toothpick American flag inserted in the top for decoration if desired.

    Alternate Ideas for Layered Drinks

    layered drink
    1. Use just regular red and low calorie blue Gatorades, with white ice you’ve got the red, white and blue effect without as much fuss.
    2. You can use straight Gatorades to make this drink. Buy Red regular Gatorade and use it first, next low calorie White Gatorade and then zero calorie Blue Gatorade.
    3. Another option is a classic shirley temple taste. Start with Hawaiian Punch then add Sprite and top with, again, sugar free blue Gatorade or Powerade. I searched our local groceries down all the shelves and blue drinks are just hard to find. You can top your layered drink with some fresh blueberries, but if you smash blueberries they just come out looking purple.
    4. Try a milkshake – layer strawberry then vanilla and then add blue food coloring to the remaining vanilla for the last layer (use blueberry ice cream if you can find it).

    For some patriotic cake desserts to accompany, check out our post from last year on 4th of July cakes.

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