Keurig Won't Work

Keurig won’t work? Did your K-cup machine stop spitting out water? This is actually a common problem and one that can usually be quite easily solved. You need to take care of your K-cup coffee maker in order to keep a Keurig working properly. We’ll help you get it running smoothly without too much hassle.

A keurig not working is one of many small appliance problems in the kitchen. We’ve added a few other common appliance problems to this post. Does your toaster sometimes burn your bread and other times barely warm the bread? Does you slow cooker take forever to cook? Did your blender stop turning? These problems/solutions are discussed below as well. You’ll find the answers so simple that you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t think of them in the first place.

k-cup machine

Keurig Won't Work

k-cup machine


If your Keurig won’t work, or any other brand of K-Cup machine such as Cuisinart or whatever, it’s probably time for a good cleaning. What we mean by your Keurig won’t work is that it stopped spitting out the water or has started to send water in a very weak stream. If that’s the case then there’s probably lyme build-up within your coffeemaker.

To fix lyme build-up you’ll need to send white vinegar straight through your coffeemaker instead of water for at least one full water container of vinegar, possibly two if the build-up is bad. Fill the entire water container with white vinegar and then keep running cups of hot water until the whole container is emptied. It’s best to check your manufacturer instructions for specific details on cleaning your particular coffeemaker.

Also, be sure to rinse thoroughly your coffeemaker with several filtered water cycles after the vinegar has passed completely through. Believe us when we say several water cycles, your coffee won’t taste good until all the vinegar has left the system. That’s how to solve the keurig won’t work problem.

Keurig Won't Work

Other Small Kitchen Appliance Problems and Solutions

TOASTER: Don’t just ignore the setting dials on your toaster. You should change the doneness setting (darker to lighter dial) when you insert thicker bread and adjust it according to the freshness/staleness of your bread.

Turn up the dial to a higher setting if your bread is fresh and turn the dial to a slightly lower setting if your bread is approaching the end of its shelf life.

slow cooker

SLOW COOKER: If your slow cooker is taking longer than the recipe says it should, the most common reason is that you are removing the lid and peeking in to see how it’s looking. Have you been peeking? If so, that’s the problem!

Every time you lift the lid to peek you’re breaking the steam seal and thus need to add another 15 minutes on to the cooking time! Peek twice… add 30 minutes, etc.


BLENDER: If you don’t have a professional blender, then it can’t stand the stress of blending things that are as hard as ice or frozen fruit. Typical blenders are 500 watts and they may be able to do the job a few times, but will run out of power very quickly and eventually just quit working.

Blenders that can handle such jobs as ice crushing have at least 1,400 watts of power.

Additional Information

If you’ve run a cycle of white vinegar in your Keurig and it still does not work, then run another cycle of white vinegar. If it still does not work, then you can try a third cycle. If that does not work, then you may have another problem as to why your keurig won’t work. In that case, it might be time to read our review of a new Keurig machine.

Check our Vitamix review if you’re looking to pulverize ice and other tough jobs.

Check our slow cooker review for a very nice and affordable slow cooker option.

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