Why Wash Bowls?

Eat a bowl, save water. OK, there’s probably no truth in that statement as most of these ideas will greatly benefit from having a serving plate underneath when eating. But, plates fit more concisely into a dishwasher than bowls, so maybe a run can be saved on the machine at least.

Here […]

By | April 15th, 2020|Blog|

How to Dispose of Food Scraps

Throwing away scraps of fruits and vegetables doesn’t seem like a big deal. It might even seem like nothing… but imagine if you piled up all those scraps for a year… they would soon turn into a mound and then grow into a hill (depending, of course, on how much you cook). Here […]

By | April 9th, 2020|Blog|

Easy Way to Peel Garlic

Fresh garlic adds flavor to most every dish. Yet struggling with that ultra thin slightly purple natural wrapper that so tightly encases each and every clove of garlic can sometimes be a time consuming issue to remove. Relax, there is an easy way to peel garlic cloves!

Prepare to be amazed when trying […]

By | April 2nd, 2020|Blog|

Regrow Lettuce and Other Produce

Think twice before you throw away that end cut off the romaine lettuce or the base of a celery stalk… it’s possible to regrow lettuce, regrow celery and many other produce from that vegetable scrap! Many vegetable scraps can be simply stuck into a glass of water and set in the sun […]

By | March 26th, 2020|Blog|

How Long to Roast Cauliflower


How Long to Roast Cauliflower?


Cauliflower should be roasted in a hot oven for about 20 to 30 minutes to achieve a crunchy browed top side and a soft interior. The length of time needed to roast cauliflower depends upon the size of the cauliflower flowerettes or slices […]

By | March 20th, 2020|Blog|

Scrappy Tips

It takes lots of energy sources to grow vegetables. Therefore, all parts of vegetables should be respected. Every part of most every vegetable can serve some sort of edible purpose if handled properly, but there are exceptions to every rule so make sure to read all sections of this post as there […]

By | March 14th, 2020|Blog|

What is Everything Seasoning?


What is Everything Seasoning?


Everything Seasoning is what the bagel shops sprinkle onto their Everything bagels. It’s a salty seasoning that is no longer restricted to bagels as it can give most everything a huge flavor kick – from eggs to seafood to veggies!

By | March 7th, 2020|Blog|

How to Get Eggs to Room Temperature

How many times have you been hungry for fresh cookies or cake, only to open the recipe and find an ingredient list which includes “eggs at room temperature”? When the urge strikes, it’s hard to watch an egg sit on the counter until the temperature is the same as the air… am I […]

By | March 1st, 2020|Blog|

Power Outage Food Safety

Used to be we only worried about the lights going out during a major storm. Now, there are both planned power outages (when danger is suspected) and emergency power outages (when emergencies actually strike). This provides uncertainty, especially for those who keep a stockpile of food for rainy days. If […]

By | February 23rd, 2020|Blog|

How to Wash a Hydro Flask

The majority of water bottles are labeled “hand wash only”. If you’re supposed to use your hand, then why is the neck of the bottle too small for even the smallest of hands? This is a dilemma faced with not just Hydro Flask bottles, but nearly all water bottles make one wonder […]

By | February 17th, 2020|Blog|

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